F.A.B. Fitness Over 40

by Susan A. Muir, MPH


Get Fit. Stay in Shape. Be AweMazing

Believe it or not: Physical Fitness can be fun, fulfilling and freeing. This book can empower you to adopt a fitness lifestyle that is simply F.A.B. (Frugal, Apt, and Beautiful)! *

This mini manuscript is the first of a series of brief books to help adults thrive, not merely survive, especially beyond age 40. Why not invest in this book to learn the science, be inspired by stories, and apply the AweMazing principles the author practices (so that you too will feel, look, and live better within several months)?

My fitness recommendations and advice are practical and encouraging, yet honest, and absolutely helps you to get to the root of your fitness challenges.

* Disclaimer: Overnight success does not happen in the fitness field. Good News: research studies suggest that it is never too late to get into shape.



Her personal story of maintaining forty (40) pounds weight loss since 2015 (after age 40) is inspiring. She provided exceptional education to her clients, based on evidence-based guidelines from scholarly literature and texts. Best of all, she was able to share insights individually and collectively, gleaned from her experience as a fitness enthusiast and lessons from her weight loss and health transformation journey.

Claudine-Innis Allen, PhD

I had no doubt that any programme founded and organized by Susan, would provide the service to fulfill my goal of harvesting more knowledge to enhance my well-being. The benefits derived from them were tremendous. Ms. Muir satisfied all the established objectives, and participants completed the programmes fully satisfied, with all personal goals achieved.

Paula Allen

Not only did I lose 16 pounds on her program but remained so inspired by my interactions in the program that I went on to lose a total of 38 pounds and with the encouragement of Susan to prepare for and pass an internationally recognised examination certifying me as a personal trainer and since then have been providing support to others.

Claudine-Innis Allen, PhD

Short book with Long-lasting Results

In your quest to move for better health, find a fun fitness tribe in social media or a book club that supports you.



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