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Are you ready for transformation in your fitness journey? Are you “stuck” thinking about New Year resolutions but not taking action? Is your current fitness (and diet) program not getting the results you want?

Do you want to figure out how to have some fun or fulfillment in your journey to personal transformation? Do you want to know how to shape up for good? We can help.

Do you know that you can achieve “AweMazing” fitness and sustained weight loss? You will find it inspirational and truly life-changing!

Moreover, based on personal experience, there can be a domino effect for the good in both your personal life and surprisingly on other people in your circle. That’s why our motto is “AweMazeU. Inspire Others Too.” The basic concept is “Each one, reach one.” Imagine: if we change significantly, we can influence others. Transformation is catching. Support is particularly helpful.

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Their Stories

For me Susan helped me see that my case was not hopeless. When I wanted to give up she had powerful but honest words of encouragement. One of the best things about her program was that each member of the program was trained to become an inspiration to others. I observed her carefully crafting a tribe of people who were not only inspired to change themselves but to change others.

Claudine-Innis Allen, PhD

I participated in the “Shape Up for Good” seminar in March 2019, and subsequently in her online group health coaching programme, which was conducted over several months. I registered for both programmes, because, having worked with Ms. Muir for the past 16 years, I grew to admire and appreciate her commitment to quality and high standards.

Paula Allen

I found myself learning, sharing and being inspired all at once. Susan [founder, AweMazing Fitness Transformation] is one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I have ever met on social media. She is a beacon of positive energy to me and I value her friendship and perspective.

Tammy A.

Before I started to help others with fitness, I needed to help myself and this group was a safe place for me to ask questions. I felt safe asking guidance about everything from food selections, recommended exercises for different parts of the body and checking my exercise posture and form.

Tammy A.

Not only did I lose 16 pounds on her program but remained so inspired by my interactions in the program that I went on to lose a total of 38 pounds and with the encouragement of Susan to prepare for and pass an internationally recognised examination certifying me as a personal trainer and since then have been providing support to others.

Claudine-Innis Allen, PhD

In my case, my motivation was enhanced, my understanding of health and wellness was heightened, and my lifestyle practices improved. Best of all, I lost some excess fat and felt much better. Ms. Muir epitomizes quality, and I would unhesitatingly recommend her offerings of public services and programmes to anyone.

Paula Allen

I had no doubt that any program founded and organized by Susan A. Muir would provide the service to fulfill my goal of harvesting more knowledge to enhance my well-being. The benefits derived from [the programs I was involved in] were tremendous. Ms. Muir satisfied all the established objectives, and participants completed the programs fully satisfied, with all personal goals achieved.

Paula Allen

It was great to know that I was part of a community of people that were in my same place in life and in my same place in their fitness journey so that I could feel like the people answering my questions knew where I was coming from. In addition, I knew that I was in a community of people that were at a level I aspired to so I could trust their advice.

Tammy A.

Her personal story of maintaining forty (40) pounds weight loss since 2015 (after age 40) is inspiring. She provided exceptional education to her clients, based on evidence-based guidelines from scholarly literature and texts. Best of all, she was able to share insights individually and collectively, gleaned from her experience as a fitness enthusiast and lessons from her weight loss and health transformation journey.

Claudine-Innis Allen, PhD